About the National CFU Organization

The following passage is from the "About" page of the national website in Toronto.

Canadian Friends of Ukraine is a non-profit, non-governmental organization established in 1990 to strengthen Canada-Ukraine relations, applying Canadian know-how to promote democracy and reform in Ukraine. In the aftermath of the Chornobyl nuclear disaster, our non-governmental organization was the first Canadian group to provide a North American voice for Ukraine's emerging pro-democracy movement. Since its inception, Canadian Friends of Ukraine have provided technical assistance and institutional support for hospitals, educational institutions, libraries, government institutions, and non-governmental organizations in Ukraine. As Ukraine's civil society strives to democratize and reform itself, Canadian Friends of Ukraine continue to implement projects that promote international awareness of issues that strengthen democracy by focusing onEmbassy NPLU CFU agreement signing * open access to information * cultural sovereignty * the empowerment of non-governmental institutions * the transparency of governmental structures The projects supported by Canadian Friends of Ukraine include activities that promote * human rights * legislative reform * inter-parliamentary cooperation * government-to-government dialogue * public access to information